Optisom: Creating Solutions for Sleep Health Problems

ProjectZ: The Foundation of Health and Wellbeing

Optisom is focused on raising awareness and creating solutions to help those suffering from sleep health problems. Companies can benefit from increased productivity, lower healthcare costs and decreased risk of workplace accidents by deploying ProjectZ, a comprehensive sleep health program, as a wellness initiative. 

What is Project Z?

ProjectZ is a clinically based, engaging online solution to create better sleep habits in employee populations. Developed by board certified sleep physicians, ProjectZ delivers clinical expertise directly to the user. Based on cognitive behavior therapy, a proven effective technique, ProjectZ will determine the root causes of the sleep health problems for each employee and create a personalized program to address them. The program is delivered through a series of education and action cards that direct the user to simple and scientifically proven techniques to improve sleep.

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Sleep Assessment Features

ProjectZ's clinically validated and comprehensive 6 minute self-paced sleep assessment was developed in direct alignment with research based protocols to identify major sleep problems and sleep hygiene issues.

  • Identifies 10,000+ custom treatment pathways
  • Addresses and treats all levels of sleep deprivation
  • Uses cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, to help establish behaviors
  • Clear and concise user experience
  • Gamified activities to spark and maintain employees’ interest
  • Work Limitations Questionnaire (WLQ) - Clinically validated measure of productivity limitations

Health Benefits of Improved Sleep Through ProjectZ

  • 92% success rate in resolving symptoms of insomnia
  • 76% reduction in daytime sleepiness
  • 98% of ProjectZ users say the program was personalized
  • 85% of ProjectZ users reported improved sleep
  • 82% of ProjectZ users reported 2 hours or more sleep per week
  • ProjectZ users saw a 43% reduction in productivity limitation
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“Project Z is a great addition to our wellness programs, and was easy to implement and promote. More than 40% screened with actual sleep disorders – an eye-opening statistic. Our shift workers, especially, have reported better sleep after using the program, and one member reported that Project Z saved her life. We are very excited to see how the program continues to evolve and positively impact our population.” - Manatee County Government/YourChoice Health Plan

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“The platform of the product was very user friendly. I loved how informative it was. I learned so much about many different sleep habits and actually discovered a sleep disorder for myself and I am now receiving treatment. It was fun to read to articles and the challenges were engaging enough to make me actually do them and grow from them. I've seen so much improvement and I'm very thankful for this whole experience.” - ProjectZ user