iRedeemHealth - Health and Wellness Product Solutions

Health and Wellness Product Solutions

iRedeemHealth is the industry leader in health and wellness distribution, providing the finest brands of fitness and wellness products at highly competitive prices.

As your one stop solution for all employee wellness needs their fitness devices will leave employees happier, healthier, more productive, saving you money on insurance and sick days. iRedeemHealth knows that every company has different needs, which is why they will work with you and your wellness plan, finding the perfect health and fitness solutions.

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Employers and insurance companies partner with iRedeemHealth to offer a specialized incentive program of vouchers to their employees and insured, who can then shop their website of state of the art health and wellness items.

iRedeem Health services

iRedeemHealth Services

  • iRedeemHealth will build you a custom white label website, with your branding so your employees can easily purchase their fitness products.
  • iRedeemHealth will provide voucher solutions so you can reward employees and members with health and wellness products.
  • Remote patient monitoring kits can be supplied and shipped directly to the consumer.
  • Fitness trackers can be purchased for employees and members in bulk at a discounted rate. Popular brands include FitBit, Garmin, Apple, Ninja, iHealth, Nokia, Omron, Polar and much more!
iRedeem Health products


iRedeemHealth is available via the CoreHealth corporate wellness platform and provides a seamless end-user experience.